“70 Tools in 70 Minutes”

This is a really valuable presentation by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano (Twitter: @langwitches) that highlights some great 21st century tools to help bring technology into the classroom.

7o Tools in 70 Minutes


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Titanic sails again at COSI, Columbus

Wow.  We spent the day at COSI, the interactive Center of Science and Industry, in Columbus (OH) yesterday.  It’s always a fun place, but our purpose yesterday was to visit the new Titanic artifact exhibit.  It was time very well spent.

When a visitor enters the exhibit, you are given a White Start Line boarding pass with the name, age, and cabin class information about a specific Titanic passenger.  I was Mrs. Henry William Frauenthal (nee Clara Heinsheimer), aged 42, from New York, NY.  The background information on my “pass” said I was traveling with my new husband and his brother, who had joined us at Cherbourg.  We had 1st class accommodations.

The exhibit had hundreds of artifacts, some absolutely fascinating and making their world debut.  Perfume samples that still emanated scent, toiletry bottles that still hold liquid, china from the dining rooms of all three classes.  Titanic’s Grand Staircase has been recreated in breathtaking detail, and (in one of my favorite parts of the exhibit) a first-class hallway has been rebuilt.  Its details include carpet, teak handrails, period light fixtures and authentically-labeled door/cabin numbers.

I could go on and on.  Check out the promo video  and the exhibit link above.  Oh, and my passenger, Clara?  Well, at the end of the exhibit the names of all the passengers and crew from each class who were saved or lost are posted on a wall for visitors to examine.  I found Clara, her husband and brother-in-law.  Let’s just say that it reiterated how fortunate the 1st class passengers were…

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“Did You Know?”

I love this video (assuming the stats are correct).  The information presented is staggering – further reminding me that in regards to technology, we either need to go with it or get run over by it.

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Nice succinct presentation of some valuable history reference sites:

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Today’s Inspiration

“In the long run men hit only what they aim at. Therefore, though they should fail immediately, they had better aim at something high.”
— Henry David Thoreau

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Hello world!

Wow.  What a way to get started.  Just found this prezi, and I really think it points the way to the future of education.  (Sorry about the embed issue.)

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