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Is it Wrong to Love a Web App?

I love Google Reader.

I hate Google Reader.


Confession: I am not as organized as I should be.  I really want to be the uber-organized, everything-in-its-place, make-use-of-every-spare-moment teacher that knows exactly where the study guide for the Causes of World War I activity is hiding.  But.  I am not.

So, Google Reader is a god-send for a news hound like me.  I have tried other RSS aggregators, but I keep coming back to Reader, like it’s a comfy pair of old sweats.  My problem is that I overestimate the amount of time I will have to read all the blog posts that attract my attention.  I find new blogs and blithely click “Subscribe,” pleased to have acquired a new portal for information.  And I religiously open Reader every morning, at home or at school, and it stays up all day.

But who has time to read all this stuff???  Yet clicking “Unsubscribe” feels like breaking up.  And what if tomorrow that blog – the one I haven’t read for weeks and has 210 new feeds – what if tomorrow that blog has a post that will change my teaching/life/opinion?  And how can I possibly cull the “good ones?”  No way am I doing without regular monitoring of Richard Byrne’s “Free Technology for Teachers” (currently 10 unread) or “Teaching High School Psychology” (20 unreads), or even “Chart Porn” (11) or Angela Cunningham’s “changED” (0! w00t!).

And that’s job-related stuff.  What about the Pioneer Woman’s “Tasty Kitchen” (18 unread) blog from whence came the homemade salsa recipe that makes me look like a genius at every family gathering we attend?  And, seriously?  How could I give up the “Mental Floss” (32) blog or Julie Zickefoose (a nature writer from my region – 0 unread)?

I gotta go.  I have reading to do.

I love Google Reader.



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“Did You Know?”

I love this video (assuming the stats are correct).  The information presented is staggering – further reminding me that in regards to technology, we either need to go with it or get run over by it.

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