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Wallwisher is a free, online collaboration site that has become very popular, and I wanted to share one of my current uses of it.

If you are new to Wallwisher, the concept is simple – imagine a wall in your classroom that students use to post comments, ideas, images, or audio and video clips via moveable (and removable) “sticky” notes (think Post-it notes).  Setting up a free account is easy, and privacy options allow for all posts to be viewed by the wall owner prior to going live.

As a way to earn bonus class participation points, my U.S. History students are permitted to post a “factoid” on the wall, one per person per week.  At the end of the week, my little boy randomly chooses the names of two student-posters (he draws from a hat and for some reason, my students love this idea) and they are awarded additional points.  I have found that the students who participate in this have fun trying to outdo each other every week, their “factoids” are usually really interesting, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the participation of students who are not otherwise very outgoing in the classroom.

The students are expected to post their source (if it is an online link) or be prepared to provide it to me when asked.

A recent "factoid" wall (click to see full size).

I have also used Wallwisher for announcements, KWL exercises, comments on readings or videos and as a source clearinghouse.  In another example, our librarian has used it as a “What Are You Reading Now?” page for teachers and students.

Have you used Wallwisher?  I’d like to hear about your experiences.  Can you give me some new ideas for using it in my classroom?



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